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i am watching lore stuff on youtube and crying

burdens of shaohao make me cry

the klaxxi make me cry

everything makes me cry in this dumb expansion help

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trolls holding their breath is the best thing

they look all menacing and stuff like








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how did you design your blog? is there a particular tutorial you'd share with us?


Well I haven’t paid much attention to it tbh? I just used this site to generate myself a code because it has some neat options, made a repetitive background and a tiny sidebar image and… That’s it. Basically just try to keep it people-friendly without too much contrast, without a font that is too small or hard to read and without much eye-searing colors I guess?

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i am only gonna say this once so listen closely mothefriggers. WoD cinematics spoilers ahead

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Forever angry about nagrand finale

Forever angry that Garrosh tried to blame any action he took after thrall made him warchief on Thrall

We’re surprised that when given a nation that was literally starving to death Garrosh couldn’t lead them out…

Yes let’s listen to the leaders that told him they were going to kill him and/or publicly humiliated him (Cairne’s lovely backhand to the newly appointed warchief) Gee it’s like Thrall literally left him a country falling to pieces with almost 0 help

You mean the guy that only threatens to kill him right after Garrosh threatens to gut him where he stands:

 Image of Garrosh says: You are lucky I don’t gut you right here, whelp. You are foolish to think that you can speak to your Warchief in such ways.

Image of Vol’jin says: Ya be no Warchief of mine. Ya’ve not earned my respect and I’ll not be seein’ tha Horde destroyed by ya foolish thirst for war.

While Thrall may have put him in the position that he could talk to them like that, actually talking to them like that is still entirely Garrosh’s fault. 



A person’s actions can be influenced by various events, but shouldn’t be excused because of said events.

Garrosh knew damn well what was he doing. All his own decisions. He could have been less of a dick. :U

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was gonna watch something

mom hijacked my movies account to watch… Sons of Anarchy

i am both proud and annoyed

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i think i fell in love a little bit

her name is Yrel

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lobstmourne said: You could say he’s… flaming?

after all, nothing says FLAMING BISEXUAL quite like accidentally setting yourself on fire B]

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